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Video Transcript – John Southerland

My name is John Wayne Southerland, and I started with Family Heritage Life Insurance Company in 2009 because a college buddy of mine told me about a sales opportunity available in Austin.  And boy, I’m sure glad he did. I’ve been with the Company for several years now and quickly got promoted through the ranks to Sales Director. I had a ton, a ton of success with our Company because when I first started with Family Heritage Life, they talked to me about two things: vision and purpose. Where do you wanna be? Where do you wanna go? And why are you doing it? My vision and my purpose were strong because I wanted to provide for my family. I wanted to create a lifestyle for my family that was not available when I was growing up as a kid because we grew up pretty poor. I lived way out on the ranch.

And when I first started with the Company, they said the average sales Agent makes about $65,000 a year. That would have taken my dad two years and some change to make.  But, the thing that my dad did teach me how to do was to put my head down, how to work hard. This Company taught me how to put it into a business sense, so I did exactly those two things. Because of my hard work and the teaching and the training that this Company put in front of me, I was able to make well over six figures my first 12 months in the business. And because of the renewal aspect of what we do, which is incredible, my income has continued to go up every single year that I’ve been with our Company.

I started with this Company when I was a 25-year old kid. And as a 25-year old kid, I’ve been able to experience more free time, more income, and travel literally all over the world for free because we take some incredible incentive trips with our Company just for doing my job. So if you think that type of opportunity sounds good for you, give me a call. Send in your resume. I’ll love to schedule a time with you to sit down and talk for a few minutes about what the future looks like for you.